3 Glasses

I’m having a drink in my kitchen with two of the most critical people I know: Miss Myself and Miss Me.

I am facing them both and it’s quite confusing if I’d try to understand what’s going on tonight.

Miss Myself is laughing for no reason like a child, she’s loud, she’s joyful and funny, full of energy, slightly hitting her knees with her hands on the music rhythm.  She doesn’t care of tomorrow.
She seems really happy and makes sure there’s always drink in our glasses.

On the other side, Miss Me is so reserved that I merely notice her presence. Not even faking a smile; she’s quiet, she’s distant, she’s ignorant, looking at us with a superior air like we’re the kids and she’s the mom, ruining the whole party with that cold and serious face, almost seeing through us. She’s only smoking.

Not sure what to do though. Having fun with Myself or figure what’s wrong with Me?


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Love is a city

People ask themselves why love disappears after a couple years (in general).

I have a simple explanation/analogy: I think when two people fall in love, as we all know, our feelings grow and grow until we feel we have enough love for the entire Earth, (“i love you to the Moon and back”). It may be right, it may be true. (more…)